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Keep Calm and Carry on Training

1 Mar

Unlike Cameron’s cronies I don’t have the luxury of my own pool so I am training in a number of public pools around Manchester, sometimes with Manchester Triathlon Club and other times during public lane swimming sessions. Recently I went to my local pool for an evening swimming session. I’ll be honest there are many times I don’t want to go and have to drag my sorry arse to the pool. This was one of those sessions. I’m still not confident in my ability and as I slowly swam up and down the middle “medium speed” lane, I noticed a bit of kerfuffle over at the edge of the fast lane. A lifeguard had donned some swimming goggles and was putting his head under the water at the edge of the fast lane where a couple of candidates for Harpurhey’s answer to Michael Phelps powered up and down the pool. I realised something was awry when another lifeguard put on goggles and had a look. There was a bit of a conference when I heard the words “we’re going to have to close early.” Less than 15 minutes in the water and we were being ushered out of the pool much to my delight. I had been “forced” to cut my training short. I couldn’t feel guilty, it was out of my control. I asked the lifeguards what the problem had been. Their response was “because there’s something in the pool that shouldn’t be there.” Before our session some younger children had been having swimming lessons and it appeared I’m not the only one who is shitting themselves when it comes to learning to swim.                                                                   mr hankey


I went down to London for a big show at the Xcel but unfortunately for me I think we were in the only hotel nearby without a pool. This meant I had to experience the joys of the local pool at Newham Leisure Centre. I didn’t know exactly where it was and no one would let me walk there at night on my own so I was forced to get a cab. I ordered my taxi with the Hailo app and got the cheeriest cockney driver called Phil who kept me entertained for the short journey up the road. Hailo is brilliant, someone tell me when we can have it in Manchester! Or if not Hailo, cheery taxi drivers would be good. To go swimming in Manchester costs me £2.40 a session, in Newham it was £5.15! I couldn’t afford to do a triathlon if I lived there. I count my northern blessings. The pool was a bit grim but the staff were helpful and friendly. I had gone down for the women only session only to find I was a day late and I ended up being the only woman in the pool. I ignored all the blokes and swum 1250m before calling a cab home. I’m glad I still kept up the training away from home but I think at over £15 (£10 in taxi fares) it counts as the most expensive training session I’ve done to date.