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What happened next?

25 May

Well I didn’t finish my blog last year to update you on the results of my triathlon, but if you followed me on twitter you will know already that I did it! Hurray, so what happened next? Well sadly I’m afraid after achieving the completion of my first triathlon I celebrated it, and aside from a couple of bike rides and a few jogs I carried on celebrating it to the end of the year. This is not exactly the attitude that will get me into the Olympic team for Rio 2016. I need to buck my ideas up. To be honest, given my penchant for a party and lack of swimming finesse I was never going to be a contender for medals, ever.


So what next, well I have an Edinburgh show all based on my first triathlon experience in this year’s festival called Prof’s Olympic Legacy during the first 2 weeks of the Edinburgh Festival. My venue, The Cellar Monkey is just across the Meadows in Marchmont and is part of the Laughing Horse Free Fringe where I will be talking about my first triathlon experience with a few jokes thrown in.

Having completed one triathlon last year, I wondered what I could be my next sporting goal? Inspired by Davina McCall’s immense challenge for this year’s Sport Aid, I decided I could raise more money for Leukaemia and Lymphoma research in memory of my dad, if I just tried harder. Watching Davina (soberly I should add) I had the bright idiotic idea to complete a sprint triathlon before my show, every day for the 15 day run. After managing by the skin of my teeth to complete 1 triathlon last year and with a gaping hole of several of months in any training whatsoever, I intend to do 15 triathlons in 15 days in Edinburgh.

So far plans are being made but Francesca Osowska from Edinburgh Triathletes and Stephanie Hall from Edinburgh Leisure have been incredibly supportive and I owe them a big thank you for helping me try to fulfil crazy dreams. I will be tweeting during the next few months of hard training and healthy living so feel free to follow me on @sarahprofit1 there will be swearing, tears and as with last year’s training, a very good chance of bruises.

If you are a fitness freak, feel free to offer advice on intensive training and nutrition, comedians – any help and support during the festival (this will probably involve hugs and the wiping of tears) or from people reading this to publicise my just-giving page ( ) as the cause is a good one, would be appreciated. If anyone wants to join me in any of parts of my triathlons, you are more than welcome and in the words of Visit Scotland 2014, “You too can say you were there”

Thank you *hyperventilates at the prospect of the next few months*