Warm Weather Training!

7 May

Well I finally did some warm weather training. Just like a real athlete in a warm weather training camp, apart from the fact it was one run in the sun on a weekend in Spain for a friend’s birthday. Yes I am lucky that I have a friend who lives in Barcelona and organised the party of all parties for her 40th. We booked ourselves into a hotel in Sitges, south of Barcelona in March. It was on the seafront and our room had a wonderful seaview. I had the idea that in addition to running along the gorgeous coast, I would be able to attempt some open water swimming in the sea. I knew it would be cold but I wanted to test my new found swimming skills. When we arrived it became clear that we would have to have the strength of Atlas to make through the waves. They were fierce. During the whole weekend we saw a lone surfer brave the breakers, and one night they were crashing so loud it sounded like we were next to the M60 as opposed to by the sea in a chic resort like Sitges. Even though we already know that I have excellent floatability, I feared I would have been tossed around like a departed goldfish in a flushing toilet never to see the surface again.

2013-03-09 12.35.54

So instead, early one morning we donned our trainers and ran along the seafront admiring the beautiful houses that you needed a lottery win to even look at. Sitges has some of the highest property prices in Europe and is known as the San Tropez of Spain. Even though a lottery win is near impossible, especially if you factor in not buying lottery tickets, we still imagined living in one of the seafront mansions and having this Mediterranean paradise to train in as opposed to running up and down hills in Boggart Hole Clough. Runners in Sitges were serious. They did not say “hola”, did not smile at fellow runners and looked like they had just got off a catwalk in Milan; basically they were miserable sods. Still it was a very pleasant run even though my other half has much longer legs than me and found it hard to slow down to my snail pace. After the run we got the train to Barcelona and went for a pleasant, sunny walk around Parc Montjuic taking in the views. There’s a lot of steps in the park and we took on each of them as if we were in a Rocky montage. Suffice it to say that the next morning our legs were suffering. There were no more runs but we dined, danced and got drunk with very good friends. Alcohol does not help muscle recovery so training was abandoned for the rest of stay.

2013-03-08 13.31.39 HDR 2013-03-08 10.23.32 HDR

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