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I’ve got a bike, you can ride it if you like

24 Feb

As I lose one friend in training to the joys of pregnancy I did manage to catch up with my good friend Denise and we cycled out into the Cheshire countryside on a sunny Sunday morning. I explained to Denise that I was still getting used to my clipless (or clip-in) pedals. Just after I finished telling her how I had fallen off the first time I had used them, I then gave her an unplanned repeat performance. If you want to get an idea how this happens watch this clip on Youtube.

I got my bike at Christmas, it is my first new bike ever aged 42. It is shiny and purple and I like to touch it gently as I walk past it in the hall. My first bike in the seventies was a second hand Raleigh bike. It had had a recent paint job, a nice turquoise gloss paint job. I had wanted a Chopper because they oozed cool, but I loved it because it was mine and it came with a bell, cue

The first time I got on my new road bike and clipped myself into the pedals I was terrified about falling over but once I had disappeared behind a parked car to the hysterics of my other half, I was ready to take on roads and traffic. Now if like me you have never been on a new modern road bike, the first thing that strikes you is how fast they are. I was whizzing up the road with such little effort I thought I was Liz Armitstead. It felt amazing, I highly recommend it to anyone else having a midlife crisis. It’s cheaper than a Porsche and the bruises heal.

On my ride out into the countryside with Denise, we had a nice easy flat course and perfect weather. In my head I imagined myself tackling Snake Pass in the summer. I have a very fertile imagination. I gained in confidence with my clipless pedals and after 26 miles I thought I had finally got it. In triathlon training as in life, pride comes before a fall. I fell again and grazed my ankle. At this point I wonder if I’ll actually make it to race day.

Chorlton Water Park2

Not quite a mermaid

21 Feb

Shock news, my friend Sarah, you know the one who got me into this situation sent me a message with some NEWS. She was so desperate to get out of the triathlon that she managed to persuade her husband to get her pregnant, what a flake. Although I’ll be honest, as a parent of a young adult, a triathlon is by far the easier, cheaper more painless option, however I feel at 5.30 in the morning going to train. I’ve actually stopped crying now on the way to the swimming on a Wednesday morning and look forward to my early swimming session. I eagerly asked Tony if he thought I’d improved, he watched me swim a few lengths and said yeah it was good that I could now swim more than 25m without dying, my stamina had improved and then he let me know what I still had to work on, basically everything else.